Classification Observers, Nomadic Groups, Sedentary Groups, Inhabited Localities, Inhabited Areas and Sovereign States 2014 Annual Fee
f = 59.9155 e(0.402118n)
First World Metropolises and Advanced Countries $1000
Second World Cities, Developing Countries, and Microstates $670
Third World Towns, N.A., Former Colonies, and Junior Microstates (Dinsystems) $445
Fourth World Villages, Confederations, Country Subdivisions, and Diaxenospitias $300
Fifth World Parishes, Tribes, Nations, and Neotribes $200
Sixth World N.A., Bands, Clans, and Micronations $135
Observers Hamlets, Wigwams/Tipis, Families, Professionals, and Organisations $90

There are no Observer or Member fees in 2013 for Paradiplomatic Affairs, regardless of status. In 2014, the Observer and Member annual fees will follow the convention in the table above, which is a derivative of a customised exponential equation.

Observers participate in the work of Paradiplomatic Affairs, and even have Representatives, but do not have the right to vote. They can influence regular Members through special Observer Sessions. Professional individuals, small businesses, local non-profits, national companies, NGOs, multinational companies, international NGOs, foundations or government agencies have Observer status, but can also act as Sponsors when they contribute significantly more than the annual Observer fee, if they are interested primarily in furthering the mission of Paradiplomatic Affairs. Some organisations, families, or professionals may be granted dues exempt Observer status — the equivalent to the United States 501(c)(3) status — if are deemed extremely beneficial for human, family, community and national rights, and these organisations, families, or professionals will not be charged annual Observer fees so long they retain Honorable Observer status.

Paradiplomatic Affairs does not treat nomadic groups (Bands, Clans and Micronations), sedentary groups (Tribes, Nations and Neotribes), inhabited localities (Parishes, Villages, Towns, Cities, Metropolises, and Diaxenospitias), and inhabited areas (Country Subdivisions and Junior Microstates/Dinsystems) as non-polities or entities without rights, since they are made up of people just like Sovereign States, and therefore their governments or governing bodies have the obligation to safeguard peoples' rights.

Paradiplomatic Affairs does not discriminate on the basis of age, but treats individuals between the age of 14 and 20 as junior adults, and as Observers only. Even junior adults must demostrate junior professional status in order to become Observers. Paradiplomatic Affairs does not discriminate against peaceful and human rights-respecting people on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, residential status, religion, political affiliation, profession, education, or citizenship/nationality/residency/membership. We warmly welcome singles, roommates, unmarried couples and/or domestic partners, nuclear families, extended families, single-parent families, childless families, blood-relative families, and even poly families as Observers, and genuine Royal Families and Poly Communities can also join Paradiplomatic Affairs as Micronations.